About Us – Medical


Dr. Charles Betts
Internal Medicine

Dr. Sarah Jordan
Family Medicine / Lead Prenatal Provider

Dr. Linda Miles
Family Medicine

Dr. Kelly Vollmer
Internal Medicine / Medical Director

Jean Davison
Family Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Group

About Us – Dental


  • Dentist / Dental Director
    Vacant / Coming Soon

Dental Hygenist and Dental Admin & Clinical Group

Lisa Brown Dental Hygienist

Some of our Dental Support Staff

MERCE Family Healthcare Current Board of Directors

  • Uzama Price Ed. D., Clinical Support Specialist – Chair
  • Nichelle Gray, Bank Branch Manager – Vice-Chair
  • Michelle Hinshaw, Medicaid Program Administrator for Local DSS – Treasurer
  • Colleen Downey-Mitchell, Financial Advisor – Secretary
  • Jennifer Bennett, Attorney with Bennett, Horner, & Wilhoit – Director
  • Michele Hammond, Field Representative for the US Census Bureau – Director
  • Grace McDonald, Retired – Director
  • Sharon Pennington, Retired – Director
  • Nicole Rodriguez, ESL Assistant Teacher – Director
  • Brandon Williams, DDS – Director